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La Marea

Palenque La Marea is a 5 acre organic farm in barrio Bateyes, Mayaguez. The land was purchased in 2016 and overlooks the town, with a beautiful view of the ocean and Mona Island in the background. It used to be part of the Leclerc Coffee plantation that ceased operation in the 1960's. Slowly we have built a home that is powered by solar energy, receives its water from rain catchment and have planted over 60 different species of fruits, herbs and vegetables. This is a labor of love, this is home.

palenque 6.jpg
palkenque 5.jpg

As the farm grows so does our family. These two beauties are our farmhands and keep us smiling throughout the longs days.


Rio and Sol

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palenque 3.JPG

And as we grow, we begin to experiment. We have been fermenting various fruits, making mead out of local honey, producing bay rum, distilling molasses and making some juicy beer. Soon we will have our own cacao to make chocolate and elixirs with.

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