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In collaboration with Bemba PR and ISER Caribe we designed and installed three rain water catchment systems in the town of Mayaguez, PR. The first system was installed in Taller Lumpen, and had both a water catchment and water filtration system to provide drinking water to the homeless community in the area. 


The second rainwater catchment system was installed for Vueltabajo Artist Collective and their home space of Taller Libertá. This system was set up for emergency use 

liberta 1.JPG
liberta 2.JPG

The third system was designed to be mobile and used for emergency community needs. It consisted of a trailer equipped with solar panels and a water catchment system that connects to a large water filtration system. In moments of dire need, the system can provide 250 gallons of drinking water and provide a battery recharging station to the community in need. The WATTA system can also be used for educational purposes

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